Successful Case to Improve Old PC Performance by E-VDI

Apr. 18, 2017

Old computers login cloud desktop.


Purchased in 2001, computers in Middle School are unable to satisfy the normal teaching requirements.

Because of the low configuration and poor performance computers can only run windows XP, and many teaching programs had updated to windows 7 or even windows 8 incompatible.

As for lack of budget to update all the devices, they think about usingOS-easy cloud desktop solution (E-VDI) to improve old devices performance.



Use original 50 old computers as cloud terminals, now students are able to use the high-configuration virtualized desktops with Win7, win 8 installed in the cloud servers. 

In this way, the school doesn’t need to purchase new computers, instead, they can use the old computers, thus saving a lot of cost.

Software installed in virtual desktop:

Office2007,Flash,WinRAR, video and audio player.



With the desktop virtualization technology, E-VDI is able to create high-performancevirtual machines in the cloud servers, and be accessed by old computers.

It helps the old computers to run Win7, Win8 and a lot of teaching software.

Greatly improve the user experience of the old computers, avoid repeated hardware investment. 

Teachers can easily manage the teaching desktops deployed in the cloud server through the management console, greatly reduce the maintenance and operation cost.



Hardware configuration of cloud desktop in Middle school:

DeviceDetail parametersQuantity
Cloud Server

CPU: Intel 2 * 6-core
Memory: 64G DDR3
Hard disk: 1 * Intel 530 240G SSD
600G 15K SAS

NIC: 4 * 1000M
Cloud terminal

Old PC purchased in 2001




OS-Easy E-VDI improve old computer performance

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