About Us

OS-Easy Group Holding Ltd. (Stock NO.: 837979) is dedicated on private cloud computing products to create cloud campus for education. With unswerving research and development, we formed the core technology, independent intellectual property rights on desktop virtualization, server virtualization and cloud platform products; we provide computer management, Mac management system for computer classroom, library, multimedia classroom, language lab, apple lab etc.

OS-Easy established services branches in more than twenty countries and regions, over twenty overseas agent offices including Germany, Japan and other countries with thousands of global customers.

Company History: 

2002 : Established. Release PC lab management and interactive learning solutions

2006 : 18 offices established, start overseas market. Got Add Clone patent, the first world-class incremental data ghosting technology 

2008 : OS virtualization technology released. Virtualized computing, and link clone technical reserves for VDI

2010 : Business expanded to more than 20 countries, over 30,000 Customer worldwide.

2011 : Released OS-easy E-VDI with virtualized App technology and restore technology (teaching desktop), start cloud computing market.

2012 : Products were used in Germany, Japan and many other developed countries, and have 10 different languages versions. Virtualized server technology used in Vserver product in data center

2013 : Launch the core product OS-easy vServer and OS-easy Cloud for the cloud data center construction, and E-VDI reputed as a product knows education best. 

2014 : Three years awarded Gazelle Enterprise, Awarded Top 20 Fast-growing Companies by Deloitte. First company to embed classroom management, curriculum management, interactive learning in Cloud Computing for education

2016: OS-EASY entered NEEQ. Stock NO.: 837979

What do We do?

Providing professional cloud solution to create a safe and pure teaching environment where both administrators and teachers can enjoy the convenience is our main focus.

School computer classroom

Computer classroom is the essential infrastructure for each school. While benefiting from the convenience technology brings, it requires tedious and repeat everyday management work, and also puts forward challenges for teaching. All these become primary concern for both IT administrators and teachers.

Fully taking the situation into consideration, we developed Operating Support System (OSS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to provide ease of computer teaching class. 

Providing safe and pure computer teaching environment with Windows/Linux instant restore is the core competence of OSS solution. Besides, you can control the software/website accessible for students & use of external devices, real-time monitor students’ operation to grasp the result of teaching, and keep track of hardware asset etc. 

With our VDI solution, hardware cost of computer lab can be greatly reduced, teachers can access teaching resources anywhere from smartphone, tablet or computer, IT administrator can deploy teaching environment in batch remotely without going back and forth among classrooms.

Multimedia classroom

Multimedia classroom is becoming more and more popular as it provides opportunities for interacting with diverse text that give students and solid background of knowledge. To ensure the benefits it brings for teaching and learning, it is important to build a stable environment for it and make sure all the students keep up with course proceedings.

Our solution for multimedia classroom work side by side with interactive learning software, respectively operated by IT administrator and teacher, altogether ensuring a lively interactive teaching class.



Apple classroom

Mac OS is more and more frequently applied in graphics processing & design, video editing, special effects production, model design, animation production etc. for professional use. Mac computer lab gradually became the rigid demand of infrastructure construction for school. Whereas, due to the particularity of Mac OS, Mac computer lab management become a headache for IT administrators.

For the current situation, we developed Mac Management System, which is the only solution that can wholly realize batch operating system restoration, environment deployment and software update for Mac. In this way, IT administrator can make a sample PC and clone the differential data to all students’ computers in batch to finish environment deployment in several minutes. Create multiple operating systems where Windows/Linux/Mac OS can o-exist to serve for different courses. Instant restore Mac OS to make the environment pure and healthy.

Language lab

Language lab provides professional audio-visual device as an aid in modern language teaching. It is important to provide a safe and stable environment so it can work well. 

Our features for language lab ensures the smooth working of audio-visual device and software. Operating system can be deployed in batch and restored at restart for protection. Moreover, we provide some features to make language teaching more convenient, such as schedule plan for class, behavior control of students, restriction of external device etc.



Professional class lab

Professional computer lab enables students to practice professional skills in a state-of-art environment, like Photoshop, Auto CAD, 3D max, C++ Programming teaching.

. It is a huge investment for advanced-configuration computers that can meet the requirements of specific class. While the updating and replacement take place every 3 or 5 year, which even more put the school in dilemma.

To save the total cost as well as fulfilling the needs of professional class, we offer VDI solutions to overcome the challenges. All the configuration info and resources can be stored and retrieved in cloud platform to avoid constant upgrade of hardware. 

On the other side, we offer operating support system to ensure a pure environment and meet the needs for various software. Build the multi-OS environment rapidly to get a multi-purpose PC for different teaching environment.