Our Focus

Computer management system (OS-Easy OSS) help to use one computer to manage all computers with PC recovery to avoid virus affective, and data cloning to all computers to save system and software installation time in school computer lab, library, and enterprise training room etc, User can enjoy the freedom of personalized PC user environment. IT administrator can enjoy full PC recovery functions and maintenance and avoid PC downtime. Academician can have a platform for teaching and learning. Management will save costs by tracking PC assets and understanding actual user’s behavior.11.png

Mac Management System (OS-Easy MMS) Mac OS is Apple developed operating system for MAC series product. OS X is a series of pre-installed system for Mac, which is the world's first system based on FreeBSD adopting "object-oriented operating system", MAC OS system market share has been around 10% -15% worldwide, and there was annual gradual upward trend.

Currently Apple fixes security vulnerabilities are relatively slow in MAC OS without making protection settings easily be exploited by attackers to attack and MAC OS;

Mac OS X Trojans and worms began to emerge, which causes a lot of trouble to use your MacBook and iMac;

User needs: each school will design and construction of the Art Institute of Apple classroom, the product itself can bring the convenience of operation and maintenance (have more than 1,000 points of user demands) to classroom management

Market Space: The Higher Education students about 25 million, such as the annual MAC purchases more than 100,000 units (single classroom 40-200 apple scale)

Competitive Advantage: No one on the market except OS-easy ripe for MAC OS Protection restoration + classroom management products with a very high competitive advantage.


Desktop virtualization System (OS-Easy E-VDI)- also called as client virtualization system, is a concept of separates a PC desktop environment (Operating System & Applications) from a physical machine using a client–server model of computing. The solutions are to allow traditional Operating System & Application into an On Demand Service so that it’s available to any user at any devices.

E-VDI’s model is to stores the resulting “virtualized” desktop on a remote central server, instead of on the local hard disc of a PC; thus, when users work from their remote desktop client, all of the programs, applications, processes, and data used are kept and run centrally. IT department are looking for a better way to address the varying needs of enterprise.

Server virtualization system (refer to : OS-Easy VServer) is a complete server virtualization and management software that contains all the important elements of virtualization, adopt virtualization to make all servers as one and can be virtualized to run multiple server operating systems, which achieves the virtualization of computing resources, storage resources and network resources to save hardware investment and management. through a unified WEB based interface to manage and dispatch these virtual machines, thus to improve hardware utilization , reduce business operating costs to ensure system security and reliability, and assist IT organizations to build efficient, safe and stable cloud data center.201612121702.png
201612121703.pngOS-Easy Cloud Platform (refer to: OS-Easy Cloud) provides business management and user self-service portal, to help central data center integrating different virtualized resource pools and branch data center resource pool, and making these resources (host, hard disk, network, firewall, IP address, switches, etc.) deliver to users on demand as a service, then metering and charging according to usage and time, which achieves private cloud for IT infrastructure layer. It provides customization on-demand, dynamic efficient, flexible expansion, overall management, reliable new generation Hyper-Converged Infrastructure deployment and service delivery platform for private cloud users.